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Helping Families Resolve Estate Disputes

Probate litigation, including will contests, disputes regarding guardianships and trust contests, is financially and emotionally draining. Attorneys at Larmore Scarlett, LLP have been settling matters in the Chester County and Delaware County probate courts for over 60 years. Our lawyers have the experience and focus to settle our clients’ disputes quickly and cost-effectively or provide powerful representation in court if a settlement is not possible. If you are involved in a dispute over an inheritance, the care of an elderly relative, or the management of a trust or estate, please feel free to contact our Kennett Square office for an initial consultation.

Will contests

A will contest may involve several claims:

  • The will was signed under duress
  • The signer was incapacitated at the time the will was signed
  • Forgery
  • The executor is not performing obligations in a timely manner
  • There was fraud in drafting the will or trust
  • A surviving spouse claims an interest in the estate
  • Heirs want an accounting of executor expenses
  • Assets were not properly managed during probate and estate administration.

Other probate litigation

The probate court is responsible for deciding a number of disputes, including the following:

  • Disputes over management of a trust
  • Disputes over guardianship of a vulnerable or special needs adult
  • Disputes over guardianship of a minor

Avoiding probate disputes

Estate planning is a major element of our Kennett Square practice. Our attorneys will be happy to review your will or trust and see that it is clear, valid and can perform the function you intend. Call 610-444-3737 or e-mail our Kennett Square office to arrange a telephone consultation.