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Protecting The Interests Of Property Owners

Are your property taxes too high? Is your residential or commercial property tax assessment inaccurate?

The attorneys at Larmore Scarlett, LLP, in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, represent property owners throughout Chester County and Delaware County in property tax appeals.

Contact us for sophisticated tax appeals representation from a local law firm with more than 60 years of experience.

Inaccurate Tax Assessment of Real Estate

Inaccurate assessments of commercial and residential real estate are a growing problem in our area. A tax assessment is based on the county’s estimation of the value of your property. When the assessment is inaccurately calculated or does not reflect your property’s current fair market value, the resulting tax bill creates an unfair and burdensome obligation for you, the property owner.

Your property tax assessment could be based on an inflated and incorrect valuation that existed before you even owned the real estate. The assessment of your property cannot be adjusted unless you file a property tax appeal.

Appealing Your Property Taxes

If you don’t appeal your property taxes, you will continue to pay excess taxes while you own the property. If you attempt to sell the property, the excessive tax valuation will actually reduce its marketable value.

At Larmore Scarlett, LLP, our lawyers have extensive experience in tax law and a strong understanding of local property taxes. They will effectively challenge your incorrect tax assessment. Each year Chester County residents may file an annual appeal starting May 1st and ending on August 1st. Additionally, for new construction or for additions, renovations and demolitions, property owners have 40 days from the date of the revised assessment to file an “interim appeal.”

We are your lawyers for life. Many of our clients routinely come back to us, knowing that we will provide strong representation or find someone who can if we do not practice in a particular area.


Contact Our Law Firm

If you feel your real estate taxes have been inaccurately assessed, and would like to discuss pursuing a property tax appeal, call 610-444-3737 or e-mail our Kennett Square office to arrange a telephone consultation.

You will usually be able to reach an attorney with experience in tax law during business hours — if not, one of our lawyers will return your call or e-mail promptly. We accept credit cards.