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Can the internet provide estate planning solutions?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

The internet is truly a wonderful thing, and it has had an enormous impact on the ability to share, access and challenge information. In fact, for many Philadelphia residents who seek answers on virtually any topic, the internet is the first place that they turn. It should be noted, however, that there are many areas in which the best solution requires a personalized touch that is simply unavailable online. Estate planning is a perfect example.

The month of October has been designated National Estate Planning Awareness Month, and many people are interested in learning more about the estate planning process. After all, it is estimated that more than half of American adults do not currently have a comprehensive estate plan in place. Unfortunately, however, a different study asserts that most adults prefer to get their financial guidance and information primarily from social media.

When it comes to seeking estate planning information online, the results can be conflicting, incomplete or even downright false. For one thing, many estate planning options are complex and are most efficient when used in conjunction with other tools and techniques. Creating a comprehensive estate plan is something of an art, and it requires a personalized approach.

The best way for Philadelphia residents to ensure that their estate planning needs are being properly addressed is to work with a professional attorney. An estate planning attorney has the skills and experience needed to construct an estate plan that suits the requirements and goals of each particular client. At the end of the day, the internet is a wonderful thing, but nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes from knowing that one’s interests are being professionally looked after.

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