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Living Wills & Powers of Attorney

Chester County Attorneys Handling Advanced Directives for Health Care (Living Wills) Health Care Powers of Attorney and Durable Powers of Attorney

At Larmore Scarlett, LLP, in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, we take great pride in helping clients secure their wishes through the creation of living wills and durable powers of attorney.

Living wills and durable powers of attorney are vital components of a comprehensive estate plan. Whether you have specific needs regarding your end-of-life care or would like to appoint someone to make business/financial decisions in the event of your incapacity, contact our law firm to learn more about setting up a living will or power of attorney.

Living Wills

A living will (also known as an advanced directive for health care or advanced directive) allows you to carefully state your wishes regarding end-of-life care. For example, a living will can outline the situations and conditions under which you want to be kept alive via life-prolonging/sustaining machines.

We can help you create a living will and a health care power of attorney that thoroughly addresses all of your concerns and designates a trusted person to act as your agent.

Durable Financial Powers of Attorney

A durable financial power of attorney grants a designated person, usually a trusted family member or friend, the right to manage your financial affairs in the event of your incapacity or even out of convenience. You may make the scope of authority granted by a durable financial power of attorney as wide or as narrow as you wish.

By creating a durable financial power of attorney, you will avoid the time and expense of future guardianship proceedings. More importantly, it will grant you and your loved ones much needed peace of mind.

Should You Set Up a Living Will or Power of Attorney?

Whether or not a living will or a durable power of attorney is right for you is a very personal matter. While both of these options present certain advantages under the law, they may be in conflict with your personal beliefs. No matter your position, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

We are your lawyers for life. Many of our clients routinely come back to us, knowing that we will provide strong representation or find someone who can if we do not practice in a particular area.

Contact Our Law Firm

Our law firm has been helping clients plan for the future through wills, trusts and other estate planning tools since 1946. We will always take the time to examine your situation, explore the law and explain your options.

Talk to us to learn more about living wills or durable powers of attorney. Please call 610-400-1973 or e-mail our Kennett Square office for a telephone consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer.

You will usually be able to reach an attorney during business hours — if not, one of our lawyers will return your call or e-mail promptly. We accept credit cards.