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What happens to the inheritance of an heir that's already died?

If you're the executor of an estate, an already complicated process can become even more complicated when one of the heirs listed in the deceased's will dies before he or she can collect the inheritance.

At that point, two different things may be possible:

Should you choose a professional to oversee a family trust?

The natural inclination when dealing with family money is to put a member of the family in charge of it.

However, putting a family member in charge of a trust could be a recipe for disaster. Friendship and family bonds can often become strained once significant amounts of money are introduced into the picture.

Heirs to Prince's estate finally named amid legal battles

In a previous post, we discussed the emerging struggle for control of Prince's estate following the famed musician's sudden death and the discovery that he'd died intestate, without a will.

Now, a Minnesota judge has finally added some clarity to the issue by naming the music legend's six siblings his rightful heirs. The siblings, which include a full sister, two half-sisters and three half-brothers, emerged as the only ones with a rightful claim on the $200 million dollar estate out of more than 45 people who tried to claim a share.

Why you should articulate the reason for a disinheritance

Do you have a good reason to disinherit someone in your will? If you do, you know that the would-be-heir may decide to contest the will in court. Experts say that wills are actually contested far more frequently than most people suspect -- yet they also say that as many as 30 percent of people still attempt to disinherit someone.

Disinheriting someone is a deeply personal decision that only you can make. However, it may help keep your will from being invalidated if you are able to articulate the reason in writing.

What if you aren't happy with the trustee handling your trust?

Trustees have an important duty to uphold -- and not everyone who is named as a trustee is capable of handling the responsibility.

What can you do if you're the beneficiary of a trust and you no longer have faith in the trustee's abilities?

3 estate planning documents everyone (even you) should have

Studies show that more than 50 percent of people don't have any sort of estate planning documents ready. Many of those people probably believe that they don't need estate planning because they're very young and just starting out or don't have any assets they think anyone will want.

However, things are rarely that simple. No matter what your age or personal wealth, there are at least three estate planning documents everyone (even you) should have.

When the whereabouts of an heir to a will are unknown

Sometimes, when someone dies, it isn't the will that's hard to locate -- it's one of the heirs named in that will.

Wills often get written down and virtually forgotten. In the time between their creation and the testator's death, however, someone named in the will as an heir can move away and lose contact with the family for any number of reasons.

Battle to control Prince's unpublished works begins

Prince didn't just leave behind a treasure-trove of unreleased recordings and unpublished music -- the prolific musician also left behind quite a mess for his estate administrators to sort out.

Just about everyone who ever had a hand in Prince's career while the artist was alive seems to want to benefit from his posthumous career as well. The grief demonstrated by fans all across the world indicates that his career -- unlike his tragically short life -- is far from over.

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